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We are Farmers, Physicians, and Scientists committed to producing the most pure, therapeutic CBD products possible from seed to bottle.


David Muncy, MD - Dr. Muncy has been taking care of patients for years as a nurse and then physician.  He also is a farmer at heart and loves growing plants that have deep therapeutic uses

Jeremiah Phelps, MD, PHD - Dr. Phelps has a PHD in pharmacology, is a medical doctor, and grew up on a farm.  With farming in his blood, he is passionate about combining his intense knowledge of pharmacology, medicine, and growing plants that can be used to enhance the health and wellness of his patients.

Meaghan Muncy - Meaghan has a degree in biology and has been applying her deep horticultural knowledge to farming for decades.  She is passionate about growing, plant breeding and genetics, and tending to soil and health of the land in general.


Our physicians are both on the growing and product development teams.  They specifically work with the farmers and scientists to maximize the health benefits based on published evidence and potential synergistic effects of other natural products that can be combined with Cannabidiol.  To develop the most therapeutic product possible, they’re involved in every step of the process from planting, extraction, and product development.

Drs. Dawson and Mallin practice precision medicine based on genomics and personalized treatments.  After seeing the benefits of cannabidiol for themselves personally and patients they treat they are committed to bringing the highest quality products to market to benefit the largest number of patients possible.

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain grew in Canada originally, but then completed his medical training in Kentucky and now practices as an OB/GYN in Steamboat Springs, CO.  He has seen in his practice the great potential for CBD to relieve pain, anxiety, and many other issues.  He is very excited about helping develop new products to relieve pain and suffering for his patients.

Dr. Muncy grew up in Colorado, where he’s seen the medicinal potential of the cannabis plant for years.  His passions of medicine and farming intersect perfectly when it comes to both growing and consulting on the production of the highest quality CBD products.

Dr. Phelps grew up in Kentucky farming.  He also has a PHD in pharmacology and has a deep understanding of how plant molecules can directly benefit people.  After treating patients as an MD, he is very excited about the convergence of his spheres of expertise in farming, pharmacology, and medicine to bring products to bear that can benefit a tremendous number of people.


Our team of phd scientists with backgrounds in molecular biology, chemistry, and plant genomics work with the physicians and farmers to ensure the absolute highest standard extraction, processing, and bottling of our products.  There are multiple ways to extract and process CBD, but we utilize only the best methods as the health and wellness of our customers is the ultimate driver of every decision we make.

Taylor Bright, PhD - Dr.Bright holds a PhD from the University of California, San Diego (2013) and an AB from Princeton University (2005).  He is the Co-founder and President of TEC Biosciences Inc., a biotechnology startup located in Lexington, KY, that is developing a novel metabolomics testing platform for use in diagnosing chronic disease. Dr. Bright successfully led the launch of three product lines conducting high-complexity tests for customers in the academic research, clinical, and hemp industries. Additionally, Dr. Bright is the Co-founder and CFO of Novoron Bioscience, Inc., a biotechnology startup located in San Diego, CA, developing a therapeutic molecule capable of regenerating damaged neurons in spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. As CFO of Novoron, Dr. Bright is accelerating commercialization of ground-breaking neuro-regenerative technology.

Chase Kempinski, PhD - Dr. Kempinski holds a PhD in plant physiology from the University of Kentucky (2016), an MS from West Virginia University (2011), and a BS from West Virginia University (2008).

He is Vice-President of Research at TEC Biosciences Inc. and Co-founder and President at Enepret, LLC. Dr. Kempinski successfully led the spin-out of Enepret from the University of Kentucky in 2018 in an effort to commercialize a novel chemical production platform utilizing yeast that he developed during his dissertation.  Dr. Kempinski joined TECbio in 2018 in order to accelerate the launch of TECbio's clinical testing suite of products.

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