We use cryogenic ethanol extraction (as opposed to super/sub-critical carbon dioxide, or hydrocarbon extraction methods) because it is effective, efficient, and safe for both extraction staff and the customer.

Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extracts many other parts of the cannabis/hemp plant such as fats and waxes that need to be removed to make an acceptable final product. During this further processing the cannabinoids can be damaged or altered and the other beneficial molecules, such as terpenes, can be lost. Additionally, CO2 extraction is more dangerous for extraction staff, and can take much longer to perform. Admittedly, it is more efficient than ethanol, as it extracts almost all the cannabinoids (along with other compounds as noted above).  So, there may be some cost savings for the processor at scale, but that’s not our end goal. 

In contrast, our cryogenic ethanol process extracts cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients at low temperature and low pressure, creating a more natural and pure final product. This article is a good introduction to the three predominant extraction methods.

Something you might hear regarding CO2 is that it is a "solvent free" extraction method. While technically correct, all CO2 extracted material goes through a process called winterization where it is mixed with a solvent (usually ethanol although it could be something much harsher and non-GRAS such as acetone or paint thinner) and frozen, to separate out the fats and waxes mentioned above. Think of putting cooking fat in the fridge. So while the extraction might be "solvent free," the process still involves interaction with a solvent, necessitating a residual solvent test to ensure safety for the customer. These tests are available in our test report for all our products. Other companies might be less forth coming.

Third Party Testing

All CBD is not created equal.  At Wild Health CBD, we only want the best of the best.  To ensure our product meets our standards, we use third party testing for all of our products.  The purpose of third party lab testing is to have a neutral, unbiased source test and analyze the content and quality of a company’s CBD products. You can view our recent test results here: